It has been mentioned before that Amiko Alien North America is the exclusive North American distributor for Karmacom and the Amiko line of STB’s. A few people have made inquiries with us and/or on the Amiko (EU) website and get an email back from Karmacom referring to us and we get a copy to follow up.To make it simple, Karmacom now has Amiko Alien North America listed on their Amiko site. You can verify that we are the North American distributor here:

All distribution, support and sales for all of North America is done by us. Retail sales of authorized products are only through our Authorized Retailers, which can be viewed here:

Any person, website, store or Ebay seller that is not listed on our site is not authorized to distribute Karmacom products in North America. We are the only ones that work with Karmacom and we purchase from Karmacom directly. Anyone else claiming to work with Karmacom, Amiko or the “factory” is making false and fraudulent claims. Amiko Alien North America is the sole source of authorized North American images and WebTV files. Use of any firmware or files that are not from Spark Online or us voids any warranty.

Amiko Alien North America is the sole authorized warranty center for North America. All warranty for our STB’s is handled locally (USA) by us with the support of Karmacom. Anyone else claiming to be an authorized warranty center in North America is making false and fraudulent claims. Unauthorized “bootleg” STB’s from Europe are not warranted here and would have to be returned to Europe if they qualify for warranty.

Finally, Karmacom/Amiko does not go around posting on forums and websites in North America. If they have something for North America, they contact us and we release the information on the official Amiko Alien North America website. Anyone posting in North America claiming to be Amiko, Karmacom, Optibox or a coder/programmer for them is making false and fraudulent claims. Karmacom develops and distributes products in bulk, they do not go around posting on forums. Karmacom has been set up with an account at the official North American Amiko Forum (FridgeFTA) should they ever choose to use it. This is not likely as it is our job to represent their products, provide support and answer questions in North America.

If you have any questions or wish to verify a distributor, Ebay seller, advertisement or claim, please contact us directly here: