Note: This is pre-installed on all Amiko Alien NA STB’s shipping 3/27/2012 or later and will be available in NA backup

images ABOVE 1.2.45 on the Alien_NA FTP. STB’s shipping 3/26/2012 or earlier will need to update with this package.

This is a plugin package from Amiko Alien NA that will allow you to use your Android phone or other Android device as a

remote control unit for your Alien. Included is the .apk file/application for your Android device.

This plugin package also includes the Spark Enigma2 RCU plugin.

***For Alien Side ***

1. Download from the /Spark_Plugins folder on the Alien_NA FTP.
2. Unzip the file. You will end up with this file, SparkRcu.apk and a folder called “plugins” on your drive. BE SURE THIS

3. Plug your drive back into Alien, it will pop up a box asking if you want to upgrade plugin. Choose Yes. (note if you

remotely unzipped the file while drive was attached to Alien you may have to reboot to get the upgrade popup.
4. Your Alien will reboot. When done go to MENU > PLUGIN and make sure “SparkRcuSrv” has the green play symbol next to it.

If not, highlight it and press the OK key to execute it. This plug will now run each time you start your Alien.
5. Delete the “plugins” folder from your attached HDD or flash drive. Otherwise it will ask you if you want to upgrade your

plugs each time you boot. (It looks for the plugins folder on the USB and if found does this automatically).

Note: You will notice another plugin installed: plugin_update2remote. It has nothing to do with the Android Remote. This is

the Spark Plugin for Alien remote compatibility with E2 that does not have the RCU codes. It won’t hurt anything to have

this plug running or not. If you are trying E2 images that are not from us, first run the plug.

***For Android Side***

To install the application to your Android device you must be able to execute/install apk files. This is normally not

allowed by default for 3rd party applications. We do not provide tech support for Android devices so you will need to know

how to do this. An application called ApkInstaller available free in the Android Marketplace is recommended.

To configure the Spark remote control app on Android:

1. Install SpakRcu.apk from the ZIP package to your Android device.

2. Run Spark Remote on your phone or other Android device. Go to settings and enter the IP address of your Alien. Do not

enter http://

3. Leave port as 8080. If you have difficulties be sure port 8080 is allowed through your internal network/router firewall.

4. Click Save.

5. Enjoy the application.

Tested on Android 2.2 phone, WiFi and Spark 1.2.45